Our "all in" fee covers equipment and electricity. There are no hidden charges.

There is a minimum charge of 20 campers in any booking.

To use the calculator, enter the number expected to attend your camp in the top box, click the 'Calculate cost' button, and the total cost will appear in the  lower box.

Number attending
Total cost

A £250.00 deposit will be required at the time of booking.

Further details on charges.


The site is hired for private use and at present is equipped for 60 as follows:-

1 Marquee 40' x 20' Flag and flagpole
8 Ridge tents 14' x 14' (one used as an equipment store) 8 Ridge tents 14' x 12'
Crockery - ample Cutlery - ample
Permanent toilet block Permanent QM store
Permanent cookhouse (fully equipped) 2 Industrial cookers
Electric chest freezer 2 Electric fridges
Groundsheets - 80 + Fire safety equipment
25 tables and 20 forms

Cooking equipment is two new industrial cookers. Hot water is supplied from an immersion heated hot water tank. Porringers, dixies, baking trays etc and other necessary utensils are supplied. Individual camp cooks are expected to supply their own carving knives. Water is provided to a wash point on field, in addition to the hot and cold running water in the kitchen. Electric lighting is provided in the marquee, cookhouse, QM store and toilet areas.

The recently renovated toilet block has hot and cold running water, is situated at the top of the campsite and is illuminated at night.

Individual camps need to make their own arrangements with regard to requirements beyond those stipulated above.