Our "all in" fee covers equipment and electricity. There are no hidden charges.

There is a minimum charge of 20 campers in any booking.

To use the calculator, enter the number expected to attend your camp in the top box, click the 'Calculate cost' button, and the total cost will appear in the  lower box.

Number attending
Total cost

A £250.00 deposit will be required at the time of booking.

Further details on charges.



The trust was formed after the 92nd London Boys' Brigade Company closed in 1988 to allow the continued use of the Freshwater site for organised camping. This allows others to benefit from the site, providing equipment and 30 years accumulated experience under canvas in West Wight. The trustees are either serving or former officers in the Boys' Brigade.

There is great deal of information on the Freshwater Camp site and the Isle of Wight on this site. If you can not find the information you are looking for please contact the trust.

All dates and camps subject to COVID-19 developments.

Bookings for 2020    
Week beginning Saturday:
18th July-25th July Tents put up
View of tents from the air 25th July-1st August Booked
1st August-8th August Booked
8th August-9th August Tents taken down
Bookings for 2021    
Week beginning Saturday:
17th July-24th July Tents put up
View of tents from the air 24th July-31st July Booked
31st July-7th August Available
7th August-14th August Available
14th August-21st August Available
21st August-22nd August Tents taken down













Please note that bookings are from Saturday to Saturday 12 noon.

NB. If you wish to visit the site, it is best done during the camping season. We do not own the land and have no responsibility for the site outside of our 6 week let each year.